The Academy for Professional Intelligence® is a proud member of the Institute of Directors


Established under the royal charter by Queen Victoria in 1903, the Institute of Directors (IoD), based in the United Kingdom, has been the epitome of leadership, innovation, and professional excellence. With a heritage that has shaped the contours of global business leadership, it has upheld its place as a reputable institution, widely recognized for crafting the pillars of business management, ethics, and best practices. This reputation was not built overnight, but through a relentless commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards and conduct, influencing the global business landscape with unerring precision and dependability.

The IoD has been a guiding light for countless generations, setting the standards that govern business industries and building a legacy of trust. It’s this level of professionalism that transcends industries and elevates societies. Professional Intelligence, fostered by the IoD, extends this revered tradition beyond the confines of business leadership. It encapsulates the spirit of professionalism in all life aspects, extending these time-tested behaviors to individuals from all walks of life.

Professional Intelligence expands these values into all life facets, suggesting that the same commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and ethical comportment should not only be confined to business leadership but also permeate the financial, emotional, social, and physical realms. This is not about privileged knowledge accessible only to a few; it’s about disseminating a legacy of excellence to the many. Professional Intelligence promotes a lifestyle that guarantees longevity in financial prosperity and resilience, a tradition that the IoD has sustained for over a century.

When applied to Professional Intelligence, this framework of professionalism, respected and honed over centuries, imparts the full principles and successes of this legacy. Imagine invoking these principles in every decision you make, in every interaction you engage in, in enhancing your health and well-being, and in forging enduring relationships. That’s the transformative power of Professional Intelligence.