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In the professional world, unpredictability is the ONLY constant. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about applying that knowledge within a structured, yet flexible, framework. 

The Professional Intelligence ® framework will empower you to navigate the complexities of the professional world with confidence, resilience, and agility. So you can thrive – not just survive.

If you’re ready to start building the foundation for your financial resilience and holistic growth, then the Kickstart Blueprint is for you.

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What Will You Gain?




In an increasingly complex world, we face a torrent of challenges and uncertainties on a daily basis. As technology absorbs many tasks, it’s not so much what we know that matters, but rather our ability to act.

This shift demands a unique kind of intelligence: Professional Intelligence.

Our framework, deeply rooted in professional principles, provides you with the tools to not just react but respond to life’s challenges. 

Harness the potent energy of financial, emotional, social, and physical intelligence, and observe the invisible forces that often drive your actions.

What’s Included?


The Kickstart Blueprint is a comprehensive snapshot of the holistic journey toward financial resilience. It isn’t a rigid set of rules but a flexible guideline that helps channel your energy, passion, and skills.


Well, in the professional world, unpredictability is the ONLY constant.

The Kickstart Blueprint is the first stage in our Professional Intelligence ® framework that will empower you to navigate the complexities of the professional world with confidence, resilience, and agility.





Integrity is the cornerstone of professional behaviour. It’s about being honest and upholding moral principles of right action. 

Imagine a scenario where someone accidentally transferred too much money to your account, or you were refunded for an item in error. Acting with integrity means being truthful and returning the funds. It’s about doing what’s right, regardless of the circumstances. Even if a company or individual might not “miss the money,” the principle of integrity remains unchanged. 

If you’re grappling with financial instability and professional setbacks, integrity is crucial in building trust and stability.



Objectivity is the ability to observe actual facts rather than opinions, free from biases. For instance, consider a situation where you receive feedback at work. 

Objectivity involves evaluating that feedback based on its factual content, regardless of who provided it. 

Objectivity is an incredibly valuable tool when navigating job changes and seeking direction in your career.



Competence means having the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed for the situation at hand. It’s like having the right tool for the job. 

For instance, if someone is involved in an accident, you wouldn’t attempt surgery on them if there’s medical help available because you may not have the required skills for such a procedure.

Competence is vital if you’re trying to rebuild your professional identity and adapting to changes in the corporate world post-hiatus.


Due Care

Due care involves the level of attention and care that any reasonable and prudent person in the same or similar circumstances would exercise. It means considering external factors in a reasonable way while performing actions and behaviours. 

Imagine you’re driving, and you go through a red light without stopping or checking for oncoming traffic. This wouldn’t be considered due care as you failed to adhere to traffic rules and consider the safety of others. 

Due care is critical when aiming to maintain financial and professional stability while navigating unique life phases.

These principles aren't just guidelines; they're the compass that guides professionals in making ethical decisions, fostering trust, and achieving success in their careers and personal lives. Engage, reflect, elevate – Your path to becoming a truly Professionally Intelligent individual continues, adapted to your unique journey and challenges.

Success Stories

Meet Paul Kohli

Paving Your Path to Financial Resilience

Looking to build a financial future that’s not only resilient but also filled with clarity and purpose?

Paul Kohli, with his wealth of over twenty years of experience, has been pivotal in boosting the financial health of many through his unique Professional Intelligence® roadmap. His approach isn’t just about managing finances; it’s about overcoming common misconceptions about personal finance, setting you on a path not just to survive, but to thrive in all facets of your life.

The Kickstart Blueprint Is For You If You Want To:


Thrive - not just survive - in life


Deeply experience a life where financial freedom isn't just a dream but a holistic journey


Be empowered to surmount challenges and build the life you love


Gain a comprehensive understanding of your professional self


Embark on a journey that will transform your life


Connect with others and develop real friendships


Learn from someone who’s been there and whose teachings are backed by 20+ years of experience as a Qualified Chartered Accountant / CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kickstart Blueprint is designed to set the foundation for your journey in Professional Intelligence. Its goal is to assess your current understanding of professional principles and prepare you for advancement in financial, emotional, social, and physical intelligence.

The Kickstart Blueprint is intended for individuals who are at the beginning of their Professional Intelligence journey or those looking to reassess their foundational skills in professional development. It is ideal for anyone ready to enhance their career trajectory and personal growth.

By guiding you through the initial steps of understanding and applying Professional Intelligence, the Kickstart Blueprint will help you embody a demeanor that is respectful, considerate, and dedicated to excellence, reflecting integrity and grace in your professional behavior.

Yes, part of the Kickstart Blueprint focuses on emotional intelligence, which includes strategies for managing stress effectively. You'll learn to channel your emotions in a way that fuels motivation and resilience in your professional life.

Engaging with the Kickstart Blueprint requires a commitment to self-assessment, honesty in recognizing your areas for growth, and the dedication to follow through with the prescribed action steps. It is a self-paced module, so the time commitment can vary based on individual needs.
No prior knowledge is necessary before starting the Kickstart Blueprint. It is designed to introduce and navigate you through the basic concepts of Professional Intelligence, regardless of your current level of understanding.
The Kickstart Blueprint provides a foundational understanding of financial intelligence, including basic principles of managing personal finances, making strategic investments, and laying the groundwork for financial stability and growth.
The blueprint encourages self-awareness and introspection, essential components of personal growth. It challenges you to reflect on your professional and personal life, recognize areas for improvement, and provides the tools for continuous self-development.
The Kickstart Blueprint offers a range of tools and resources, such as self-assessment quizzes, interactive scenarios, and foundational strategies across the four dimensions of Professional Intelligence. These resources are designed to help you evaluate your current standing and guide your growth journey.
Unlike other introductory courses that might focus on specific skill sets, the Kickstart Blueprint offers a holistic approach. It doesn’t just consider professional capabilities but also looks at how personal well-being in emotional, social, and physical domains can contribute to your professional success.
Upon completing the Kickstart Blueprint, you should have a clearer understanding of your current PIQ and a personalized roadmap for improvement. You will also gain strategies for managing stress, enhancing professional relationships, and building a foundation for financial resilience.
The completion time for the Kickstart Blueprint can vary, as it's a self-paced program. The timeframe will depend on your current level of Professional Intelligence, your pace of learning, and how deeply you engage with the materials.
Progress can be measured through self-reflection, applying the concepts learned in real-world situations, and monitoring improvements in handling professional and personal challenges. Tools like the readiness assessment help gauge your advancement.
Support is available through the Academy for Professional Intelligence’s platform, where you can access additional resources, connect with mentors, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their journey of Professional Intelligence development.
While designed for individual learning, the principles of the Kickstart Blueprint can certainly be shared and applied within group settings. Group discussions and activities based on the blueprint can enhance collaborative learning and collective professional growth.