Without spending a cent on a financial coach or earning more money!

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Do bills and debts drain your finances and leave you waiting for the next pay check with nothing to put aside?

We’ll show you how to save up to 32%.

With money saving tips for EVERY budget.

Without earning more money. Or spending it on a financial coach.

If you’re ready to start saving & protecting your money first, then the Savvy Savings Blueprint is for you.

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  • Seeking effective ways to save money & manage your finances?
  • In need of money saving tips and ways to save money?
  • Looking for guidance on retirement planning and money management?
  • Eager to lay the groundwork for your financial resilience?
  • Determined to not just get by and stop living pay check to pay check?

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The Academy for Professional Intelligence (TAPI) is governed by the high standards of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants.

That makes us uniquely qualified to guide you with saving money and managing your finances.

And we’ve created a blueprint to help you get started!

The Savvy Savings Blueprint

Growing Your Wealth Has Nothing To Do With Blind Luck.

Discover how you can save up to 32%.
So making more money becomes effortless!

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Financial planning made Easy!

Solve Your Money Savings Challenges Today!

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  • Unlock the Secrets to Financial Freedom
  • Master the Art of Money Management
  • Discover Money Saving Tips for Every Budget
  • Gain Confidence in Retirement Planning
  • Empower Yourself with Practical Financial Skills
  • Achieve Financial Resilience with Expert Guidance


If You Have Nothing Left Over At The End Of The Month, This Message Is For You.
Especially If You Overspend, Have Credit Card Debt, and Financial Stress.   

Are bills and debts draining your finances?
Forcing you to live paycheck to paycheck?
Making it impossible to save money?

We’ll show you how.
And it won’t cost you a thing!

Growing your wealth has nothing to do with blind luck.
And it’s not reserved for only a handful.

It’s all about saving & protecting your money first.
So making more money becomes effortless!

What’s Included?

  • Money Management Tips & Strategic Saving Techniques
  • Self-Paced Online Videos & 2-25 Minute Lessons
  • Theory & Real-Life Examples
  • Case Studies, Scenarios & Reflections
  • Interactive Elements & Practical Tools
  • Access to a Private Community

Are you tired of watching your hard-earned money disappear, whether it’s being flushed down the drain, burned away, or spent in moments of euphoria?

The average savings rate sits at a mere 5%, but imagine the impact of saving up to 32% like the top savers do.

This is where the Savvy Savings Blueprint comes in -> created by Paul Kohli, a Chartered Accountant with 20+ years of experience in financial planning, money management & retirement planning.

This blueprint equips you with practical money-saving tips and strategies tailored to your lifestyle.

With a focus on boosting your savings rate, slashing unnecessary expenses, and setting achievable financial goals, you’ll gain control of your finances and build a secure future without sacrificing your quality of life.

Let’s rewrite your financial story together, starting today.


Why A Financial Coach Can't Do...

What The Savvy Savings Blueprint Does!

Solve Your Money Savings Challenges

You will learn actionable techniques to overcome immediate financial obstacles and effective ways to start saving money now!

Achieve Financial Goals

You will establish a strong connection between saving money and the tangible benefits this will bring in realising your long-term financial aspirations.

Transform Your Relationship With Money

You will gain knowledge on how you can nurture your relationship with money and take charge of its ebbs and flows.


It is not how much money you make that will determine if you will be rich or poor, it is how much money you keep.

- Robert Kiyosaki -

(Businessman & Best-Selling Author)

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Meet Paul Kohli

Paul Kohli is a well-known Chartered Accountant and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

With 20+ years of experience in financial planning, money management & retirement planning his unique approach is this:

Stop losing the money you have!
Without spending a cent.
Or needing a financial coach.

The Savvy Savings Blueprint Is For You If:

  • You have almost no money left by the end of the month.
  • Bad debt and bills drain your finances at the beginning of each month, with little money left for anything else.
  • You feel stressed and tired of living pay check to pay check.
  • You’re unable to save money and wonder if you ever can without earning more money.
  • Unexpected expenses related to your health, car, or living situation set you back & empty your bank account(s).
  • Or even worse, you have to wait for the next pay check or use a credit card to fix something that has happened unexpectedly.
  • You want to learn from someone who’s been there and whose teachings are backed by 20+ years of experience as a Qualified Chartered Accountant / CPA.

Your Questions Answered

The planner offers numerous money saving tips, such as identifying less expensive alternatives for common purchases, leveraging coupons and discounts, and advising on reducing utility bills through energy-efficient practices.

It provides ways to save money through detailed budgeting tools that help you track and reduce monthly expenses. The planner also suggests setting spending limits and offers strategies to cut costs on groceries, utilities, and subscriptions.

Yes, it provides money saving tips like planning purchases in advance, researching the best prices, and saving incrementally for big expenses to avoid debt. It also advises on timing purchases to coincide with sales or discount periods.

The planner suggests ways to save money for an emergency fund by setting aside a fixed percentage of your income each month, cutting non-essential expenses, and using automatic transfers to a dedicated savings account.

It delivers money saving tips that align with long-term financial planning, such as advising on ways to incrementally increase savings rates, utilize compound interest, and reduce high-interest debt which collectively help in building a strong financial foundation.

It offers ways to save money by employing several budgeting techniques like envelope budgeting, zero-based budgeting, and the 50/30/20 rule, each designed to help you prioritize and trim expenditures effectively.